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July 05, 2020
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Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology ......

  • Thursday, 02 August 2012 11:31
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Dear Readers.

We are updating our website, using this occasion, it seems appropriate to briefly outline the major milestones in the formation, development and current activities of the institute.

Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology is working on a particular aircraft building knowledge-based market for almost 50 years (founded in the summer of 1964).

In the 70s - 80s of last century institution, being at that time, Ukrainian branch of cerebral-Union Scientific-Research Institute for Technology and Production Organization (JARI Moscow), in самолеты для статьи 02-2012 modern terms, provide technology consulting for the airplane business, located in the Ukraine. The range of issues on which this work was carried out was extensive, and the problems occurring in the area of responsibility of the Institute, varied and relevant for that time. As part of the country's total technological specialization in aviation institute carried out the work to develop the production of aircraft grade "AN" on the whole territory of the Union, to ensure manufacturability of the design of production, starting with the earliest stages of design. An important specialization was to develop methods, technologies and production of specialized power tools for assembling a variety of models and types of aircraft.

 During this period, the development of the institute were used in the creation and organization of production of most models of aircraft grade AN: An-32, An-74, An-124, An-225, An-70, as well as the production of civilian aircraft Tu-134, Tu-154 Yak-42, Il-96, fighter Su-27, bomber Tu-160 and the space shuttle "Buran".

The number of staff in the mid-80s reached 1.5 thousand people, separate divisions of the Institute were deployed on six aircraft manufacturing enterprises. There was established research, development and experimental base, was operated pilot plant, which produces specialized mechanized tool for aviation enterprises of the country.

After the dissolution of the USSR at the end of 1991 a branch was converted into an independent institution. It does not require any complex financial and economic restructuring because in the capacity of branch, it had the status of an independent legal entity and a dual subordination - Head NIAT and Chief Scientific and Technical Department of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR.

военные самолеты 02-2012Then began a period of prolonged transformation of the structure of the public sector of the economy, in which repeated attempts to preserve and restore the share of manufacturing in total GDP of the country and especially its high-tech sector, including the military-industrial complex. At first was formed Gosoboronprommash (1991), followed by the Ministry of Machine Building, Military-Industrial Complex and Conversion (1992), Ministry of Industrial Policy, State Committee of Industrial Policy, again Ministry of Industrial Policy, and finally - State Agency for managing the state corporate rights and property, Ukrooboronmprommash. During this period, was replaced about twenty heads of these departments. Enterprises in many ways proved to be face to fece with unformed and unstructured market, the rules of the game in which, determining the way, became addicted to changing internal and external political conjuncture.

Today, after 20 years, specialists and experts estimate that some of the key indicators of aircraft manufacturing production in Ukraine fell not in several times, and dozens of times, but approximately in 90 - 100 times. A similar or close to it was a state of the aircraft industry to Russia.

Since the main activities of the institute had previously been closely linked to the aircraft, there are the obvious problems that have arisen in connection with the actual stopping production of civilian aircraft in the post-unformed system of state governance knowledge intensive sectors of production in the country as a whole.

This was countered by a strategy of preserving the viability of the Institute, based on the diversification of activities within those high-tech production systems and focusing research on the most popular market-niche activities.

Therefore, despite the initially insignificant amount of orders for the institution of the state funding (1996 – 2006), and then their complete absence (2007 - 2012) it was succeeded in balance the financial and economic activities by mainly foreign customers (Russia, China, the Iranian Republic, Czech Republic, Poland, France and others).

There was formed a special strategy and system for coordinating the research work, whith allow to get involved in the research of effective and promising scientists and researchers, as well as famous scientists of the country.

The evidence as a whole correctly chosen strategy in such difficult conditions are the following indicators:

- The effective functioning of the institution during the period of time (since it was founded) without any major complications in the financial and economic activity;

- The transformation of the Institute held in 1994 in the open (now public) joint stock company with 50% of government stake + 1 share and the rapidly growing overall capital ratios of its assets;

- Ability and principled willingness to corporate cooperation with potential investors;

- Availability of proven and structured system of focusing research with effective use of resources, professional partners and partner companies;

- High competitiveness of the ongoing projects at the institute work, which is confirmed by the market demand from foreign partners, the leaders of aviation industry.

In conclusion, a few strokes of the long-term projects - work that experts from the institute are involved in the last 3 - 5 years and which we are believed as relevant and deserving of development. They can be divided into two areas. The first - research engineering work on new models of aircraft, and the second - the consulting work to develop industry-wide - government development programs and corporate projects and business plans aimed at maintaining the competitiveness and development of aircraft constructing industry.

Go to the first direction we refer the work performed in recent years on civil projects in the interest of Russian companies CJSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft", JSC "Aerocomposite" and the French company AIRBUS, and the development of subjects of a new generation of composite materials in load-bearing elements in a particular airframe improvement of methods, technologies, and compounds of elements in the assembly of dissimilar materials.

The second area of work - is to develop forecasts, trends in aircraft construction sector, manufacturing, development programs and helicopter aircraft in Ukraine over the next 8-10 years; participated in the design and development of cooperative programs of serial production of aircraft An-148, An-158, their modifications, development of recommendations concerning transformation of industrial infrastructure in the light of output, selection of priority areas of technological improvement of production. The initiators of public works in this case are management structure, corporate group of companies (JSC "Motor Sich", SE "Ivchenko-Progress," SE "Antonov"), individual companies: SE "Antonov", Company "UAC-Antonov".

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