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July 05, 2020


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Welding in aircraft


     In the book, compiled and systematized information on modern methods of obtaining permanent joints of aircraft components and structures. Characteristics of weldable alloys (aluminum, titanium, steel), and composite materials used in aviation structures.

     Their choice and mass efficiency is justified. The features of the construction of separate units for welding, the estimation of weldability , provides information about the filler material (wire) electrodes, adhesives, coatings, surface preparation methods and of the weld groove. Detailed description of the modern welding methods used in aircraft. Examples of the use of complex welding of typical aircraft components are given. We describe the prospects for the use of welding to create a new generation of aircraft.

     The book is designed for engineers mechanical engineering companies, and may be useful for university students in related disciplines.

G.A. Krivov, W.R Ryabov, A. Ishchenko, R.V Melnikov, A. Chayun

Welding in Aircraft

Edited by Academician B.E Paton