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July 05, 2020


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№63, 2/2013

TS 2013-2



Ovchinnikov A.V., Pavlenko D.V., Kachan A.Y, Shevchenko V.G., Petrik I.A.

Differentiated approach to the assessment of safety margin parts of gas turbine engines rehabilitation welding methods


On the example of a gas turbine engine fan blades the technique of estimating reserves of strength of the pen, which allows to create material approach to the formation of a given type of structure in the areas of reduced-faced, allowing differentiated increase in the level of mechanical properties to improve the maintainability date parts in general.


Ivschenko L.I., Tsyganov V.V.

Increase of wearproofness of tribojoints GTD at a difficult thermal and mechanical ladening the change of the structural state of superficial layer


The terms of wear of tribojoints GTD and wearproofness of alloy of НTN-61 are considered at a friction in the conditions of difficult ladening, high and negative temperatures. The method of leadthrough of speed-up tests of models of friction pair is developed  in terms, close by the real terms of exploitation of tribojoints with the different types of ladening. Possibility of management intensity of wear of alloy is rotined taking into account the features of forming of superficial layer at a contact.

Vishnyakov L.R.

Knitted soldered copper meshes and carbon nano-structure particles for use in lightning protection of composite materials: experience in aircraft components construction expanded to wind power production industry


The experience in constructing of aircraft components was used to develop knitted soldered copper meshes that shall allow reduction of panel damages and delamination of the composite material due to improved dissipative properties.  Electric conductive carbon nano-structure modifiers were suggested for the polymer matrix to increase electric conductivity in carbon plastic fiber laminates and to enhance adhesion strength between the carbon fibers and binder. Knitted soldered copper meshes were suggested for use as able to improve the wind turbine blade lightning protection system, i.e. lightning capturer and lightning current conductive bus. The results of the work shall be useful for an efficient overall protection of wind turbine blades from lightning.

Gajdachuk V.E., Kovalenko V.A., Potapov A.M.

The basic design principles and rules for technological processes of production of rocket and space technology aggregates made from polymer composite materials


The basic principles and design rules in technological processes and operations of manufacturing composite aggregates of rocket and space technology have been synthesized. These principles and rules retain the continuity with the general principles of technologies in aircraft industry and mechanical engineering, which have been formulated by leading national scientists in the field of technology.

Astanin V.V., Shchegel G.О.

Modeling of impact interaction of multicomponent composites at high velocities


Studies are carried out on modeling of multicomponent materials behaviour under high-velocity impact based on a probabilistic approach to accounting the processes of destruction and renewal of bonds in the composite during the numerical simulation by finite element method. Results showed approximation of numerical calculation data to those of experimental research compared to the traditional approach to numerical investigation of materials of this type.

Olefir O.I., Olefir A.О.

Collection system for status information of composite elements of runway and road coatings


A system is designed and constructed for data collection on the state of composite elements of runway and road coatings for contactless rapid analysis of coverages over large areas of the path at a selected sampling frequency by means of a mobile automated device, for which, in particular, a specially equipped car trailer can be used.

Globa A.V., Bulakh I.A., Mylokost S.N.

The influence of drill geometry on its stability and accuracy of drilling holes in composite materials


The influence of the geometry of the cutting tool (drill) on the degree of wear and hole quality during drilling the polymeric composite materials was studied and analyzed. Depreciation is determined by the analyzing of the vibro-acoustic signal during processing. A comparison the results of computer modeling the depreciation and direct measurement was done.

Kiva D.S., Dveirin A.Z., Vasylevskyi Y.T., Petropolskyi V.S., Gorobets P.I., Gavriluk S.Y., Haidukova S.M., Velychko V.V.

Repairing Methods of airframe composite sandwich structures with tubular cores


Developing methods of supporting flight availability and repairing sandwich tube composite structures were discussed. Request of durability, reliability  and processability during operation activity in operator’s air-base conditions were taken into account. A few structural and technological decisions of making repair were worked out. Experimental verification of structural and technological decisions including environment influence were executed. equipment package for tube composite structures repairing was made up.

Shevchenko O.A., Globa A.V., Polishchuk D.M.

Influence of technological surface type on strength of polymeric composite materials repair joints


Based on the analysis repair methods of the typical operational damage in aircraft structure elements of polymeric composite materials pursuant new type of shape technological surface to implement repair of holes is proposed. Experimentally investigated the influence of type of technological surface repair joints for strength polymeric composite materials and made appropriate conclusions.


Korostelev O.P., Ratnikov I.N., Lubarets A.A.

About determination of guided missiles quantity for actual test providing during resort figures prolongation of missiles park


Approach is proposed for argumentation number of guided missiles, which are used for actual (flight) test and it is based on supposition that probability of unfitness of investigated missiles for further exploitation is small.

Shatikhin V.E., Makarov A.L., Khoroshilov V.S., Balashov V.N., Popel V.M.

Accuracy increasing of operaton time assessment for gear mechanisms of spacecraft


The accuracy increasing of assigned operation time assessment for gear mechanisms of spacecraft is considered. The accuracy increasing means of assigned operation time assessment for gear mechanisms on the example of one electric drive gearbox of Earth remote satellite are substantiated. The analytical expressions concerning of determination of assigned operation time for the gearbox in view of increased accuracy are obtained. The recommendations of steps related to operation time increasing are developed.

Sydorenko P.Y.

Principles of designing of specialized equipment for consumable electrode welding with electromagnetic stirring


The main requirements and making approach to the suite of special equipment for welding with the defined impulsive electromagnetic affects are formulated based on our researches.


Filonenko S.F., Kosmach O.P., Kositskaya T.N.

Acoustic emission at change of dispersion properties of friction surfaces from composite materials


The outcomes of simulation of acoustic emission are reviewed at friction of surfaces from composite material. Is shown, that decreasing of dispersion strength properties of composite material results in ascending of amplitude and energy parameters of resultant acoustic emission signals. The approximating expressions for relations of change amplitude and energy parameters of resultant acoustic emission signals are determined at decreasing dispersion of strength properties of composite material. Is shown, that the processing of acoustic radiation with averaging of its parameters does not result in change of nature ascending the parsed relations. Is determined, that the most sensing parameters to decreasing disperse of strength properties composite material are the dispersions of average level energy and average level of average energy of resultant acoustic emission signals.