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July 05, 2020


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№62, 1/2013

TS 2013-1



Kiva D.S., Krivov G.A.

Aircraft Industry Development Program is an Effective Tool to Realize Governmental Policy in one of the most High Technology Trades of the Ukrainian Industry


This paper reviews some aspects of the Ukrainian aircraft industry’s state-of-the-art. It was analyzed the world experience regarding governmental policy in respect to development of aircraft industry. Some mechanisms of governmental support and preferences to the aircraft industries were shown on examples of different countries having highly developed aircraft trade. The paper reviews world practices of investing to development and production of new aircraft. Some examples of using program approach for resolving problems of aircraft industry were presented. It was analyzed main objectives and tasks of Draft Governmental Purpose-oriented Science and Technology Program for development of the Ukrainian aircraft industry until 2020 as a basic tool to provide sustainable development of aircraft industry.


Krivov G.A., Podgrebelnyi N.S., Shulepov V.N.

Regarding factors of outside influence on the process of getting profitable full-scale serial production of the Ukrainian regional passenger aircraft


This paper reviews niche of Ukrainian regional passenger aircraft at the world market. It is shown that Ukrainian passenger aircrafts are competitive compared to the world analogues. It was analyzed air traffic and deliveries of regional passenger aircraft with regard to the world regions. Prices of aircraft and their change were considered. It was presented information with regard to upgrading of supply chain to provide optimal cost of aircraft in serial production. The paper reviews questions of providing production of aircraft with standards.

MatvienkоV.A., Andriyenko Y.G.

Management of the labor and material costs in the domestic civilian plane serial production


Presents the results impact analysis of the technical, economic and organizational factors on the plane cost. A model of short-term forecasting of material and labor costs associated with their manufacture.


Myalitsа A.K., Raisov Y.A., Sorokin V.F.,Kombarov V.V.

Strategy of modernization of capital productive assets of enterprises of aviation industry


Strategy of technological re-equipment of aircraft works is considered. Strategy combining purchase of new metal-cutting CNC equipment with intensive upgrading of existing equipment to modern level of development of manufacturing engineering is selected. Classification of upgrading stages is given. These stages are named parametric, structural, process and functional ones. Requirements for the operation of the CNC system are changed. There is shown that high-speed machining should be realized taking into account smooth change of differential kinematical characteristics of the motion of equipment work parts. The example of the upgrading of the two machines at Kharkiv State Aircraft Production Enterprise is given. Increase of the maximum cutting feed in 2.5 times while maintaining the accuracy on the passport of the machine is obtained.

Korol V.N., Matvienko V.A.

Trends of civilian aircraft production technological modernization


Presents the results of the generalized a number of technical and economic indicators analysis for the Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing enterprises activities in the 2000-2012.
Formulated by the current trends of civil aircraft production; assess prospects for securing profitability of their production.

Zvorykin L.O., Zvorykin C.O.

Competitive strategy in the word of products defense industry complex


The analysis measures practiced in the world to support the export of weapons, equipment, technologies and dual-use activities in areas of political and economic influence and activities of the technical level of competition. Done conclusions on the most effective areas of competitive strategies.


Krivtsov V.S., Bychkov I.V., Plankovskiy S.I., Losev A.V.

Technological systems of quality assurance machinery products


The analysis of trends in developing of production systems is done. It is shown that in order to ensure competitive quality, integration of such subsystems as dimensional processing, precision machining and finish cleaning of surfaces and edge are needed. The data of the mutual influence of technological processes of these subsystems and their impact on the final quality product are given. An analysis of modern methods of cleaning and finishing is made. It is shown that their integration into the technological systems based on advanced CAM / CAE technology is most effective when using universal methods of finishing, for example — thermalpulse.

Bychkov S.A., Matvienko V.A,Romanovich G.N.

Research and development of new technologies of civil aircraft aggregate-assembly production


Presents materials that reflect the individual results and the prospects for the new efficient technologies of aggregate-assembly production development, system-based and confirmed the necessary research and tests as a condition for civil aircraft safe operation.

Makarov A.L., Mozgovoy D.K., Kulabuhov A.M., Khoroshilov V.S., Balashov V.N., Popel V.M.

Analysis of control methods of the earth surface survey by satellites


Provides an analysis of control methods of the shooting extended territories complicated configuration using remote sensing satellite with high spatial resolution optical-electronic scanners. Describes the results of coastline shooting simulation using actual data on clouds, implemented using software control angle motion of the satellite during the shooting.


Krivov G.A., Matvienko V.A, Rudko A.N., Rudakov K.N., Shukayev S.N., Negoda S.P.

Modeling of bolt joints contains composites parts using program complex FEMAP/NASTRAN


In order to determine the effect of structural and technological parameters on static and cyclic durability of joints containing polymer composite material, proposed a method for calculation of the stress-strain state of joints by using finite element and program complex FEMAP/NASTRAN. Methodology of respective 3D-model creating and some constructive and technological parameters modeling (torque, level of interference/clearance fit hole, surface and edges of holes quality parameters), operating conditions modeling (temperature, load) are described for bolt joint contains titanium and composite parts.


Filonenko S.F., Kosmach O.P.

Simulation of acoustic radiation at alteration of speed rotation of friction pair from composite materials


The outcomes of simulation of resulting acoustic emission signals are reviewed at friction of surfaces from composite material. Is shown, that to ascending of rotation rate of friction pair there is ascending of average level of energy, average level of average energy of acoustic radiation, their standard deviations and dispersions. The approximating expressions for relations of change of energy parameters are determined at ascending rotation rate of friction pair. Their matching with amplitude parameters of resulting acoustic emission signals is conducted. The most sensitive parameters are the dispersions of average level of energy and average level of average energy of acoustic emission.


Kraskovskiy A.P.

Mathematical modeling of phased array piezoelectric transducers with the combined effect of the side effects


The mathematical models of spatial-temporal characteristics of the linear ultrasonic phased arrays with the consideration of the complex impact of main side effects in the mode of impulse signal generation and detection was presented. Examples of an application of the proposed mathematical models while design of the phased arrays of the piezoelectric transducer for ultrasonic defectoscopy of metal materials and fabricated metal products were considered.

Prosvirin D.A.

Mathematical model design of disturbances for aircraft flight modeling on approach


Environment models creation for aircraft flight modeling on approach is a complex, time-consuming process with technical and process challenges. This article show how to use MathWorks® products to address these challenges. Mathematical model of the wind random component specified by gust and turbulence wind models in Matlab/Simulink, that characterize atmosphere effect on aircraft flight characteristics is considered. Deployment of Simulink and Aerospace Blockset software for rapidly aircraft flight modeling research accelerate your vehicle disturbance model development.