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July 05, 2020
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SUTEC-2019, the 9th Technical Workshop on Aerostructures and Corporative Standardization of SAMPE Ukraine Club, had been held on November 14th, 2019 in Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology (UkrRIAT), Kyiv, Ukraine with following agenda:

1. Welcome speech by Dr. Georgii Krivov, Chairman of the Board – Director General of Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology, JSC (UKRRIAT);

2. The results of implementation of imported materials into the ANTONOV plane structures – ANTONOV Speaker;;

3. The experience of PCM use in structures of the wing and empennage high-loaded units – ANTONOV Speaker;

4. Study of load-carrying capability of structure components under cyclic aerodynamic heating – Speaker from Institute of Strength Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

5. Opportunity of welding technology use for creation of units and components of the gas-turbine engine’s hot part made of monocrystallic high-temperature alloys – Speaker from Electric Welding Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

6. On setting-up the corporative system of normative documents to the benefits of Ukrainian aviation industry companies – UKRRIAT Speaker.


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