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July 05, 2020
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Goals and objectives

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The objectives of SAMPE

The main objectives of the Society are:

- Facilitate the exchange of scientific, engineering and technical expertise among its members;

- To expand this knowledge;

- Promote the growth of the importance of materials technology and manufacturing processes to improve the quality of goods produced;

- Assist students with scientific, engineering and technical colleges and universities in their professional development in various sectors by organizing special student conferences.

This is promotion of development and material selection technology and the choice of production processes that transform those materials into products that meet the required criteria for the design, operation, performance, quality and efficiency.

In this case research and application include, not limited to these:

- Composite materials;

- Development of advanced resin matrices;

- Development of advanced reinforcing fibers;

- Nanomaterials;

- Adhesive bonding of metals and composites;

- Matrix composites based on ceramic, carbon-carbon and metal;

- Flammable properties of composite materials;

- Design and analysis of structures based on composites;

- Design platforms manned and pilotless aircraft;

- Composite materials for land-transportation and in the structures of advanced marine technology;

- Composite materials in the oil industry and wind energy;

- Composite materials in leisure products;

- Composite materials for infrastructure;

- Reduce the impact of explosions and internal security;

- Exchange of technical information within the scope of the rules of international trade in weapons and military equipment.


Tasks of SAMPE-Ukraine

The main objectives of the TEMPRO Company are:

a) facilitate the dissemination and promotion of scientific, engineering and technical knowledge in the field of materials and technologies;

b) promote the growth of the importance of materials and technologies to improve the quality of goods and life in general for the common welfare of society;

c) promote professional development and retraining of engineering personnel, professionals, graduate students by organizing various seminars, conferences, training, preparation and publication of textbooks, teaching materials, etc.