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July 05, 2020
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Membership in the SAMPE

Professional member of the Society may be a person who is an engineer or scientist, or other person employed on a professional level in the field of research, development, use or sale of materials and/or technology process.

An engineer, scientist or other person determined as the person who was awarded a bachelor's degree and /or a person who is employed on a fee basis at least five years in science, engineering, or in the field of marketing and /or a person who is registered engineer or scientist according to national legislation.

Annual single membership fee for member of a professional SAMPE is 80 euros.

The rights and privileges of membership in the SAMPE

Each member is entitled to:

- Attend all open meetings of the Society and its Board, and local offices of national or geographical entities;

- Vote on all matters in the Society's operations, departments, or national / regional organization;

- Hold any office in the SAMPE.

Professional Member of the Society receive discounts on their participation in the annual conferences of SAMPE. The speaker shall be exempt from fees for participating in the conference.

Professional Member of the Society receive free regular magazine SAMPE Journal, published by the Society.